Osteoskill™ Career Opportunities

When your work improves the lives of others, the satisfaction of knowing that what you do is important and that what you make matters; is an intensely fulfilling experience. At Osteoskill™ we develop solutions that help people live their life normally again. It is the opportunity to make this world a better and healthier place.

Our multidisciplinary team is constantly working on the development and refining of new patient specific healthcare solutions. The team has various technical skills ranging from Bachelors or Masters in Medicine, biomechanical engineering to biomaterials and software engineering. Part of our team is responsible for the commercial side of the business; they usually have a technical background with a strong commercial interest.

Our work involves the understanding for our clients’ needs and the ability to translate these needs into concrete technical healthcare solutions and clinical applications. Personal initiative, independence, creativity and a sense of entrepreneurship are seen as added value. You must be flexible and able to work on several projects at once. We are also looking for a result-driven work ethic: we like to see our tasks completed within an agreed framework to the satisfaction of our customers.Work experience in a corporate R&D environment for medical and/or life science technology will certainly be viewed as an advantage.

We welcome all open applications that fit the description above. If no suitable vacancy is available, your application will be used for other future recruitment procedures. Are you the asset our team is looking for? Email us at jobs@osteoskill.com

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