Next gen patient matched healthcare solutions

Even modern surgeries can be extremely challenging; even for the most experienced surgeon, due to the complex anatomy, sensitivity of the involved systems and uniqueness of each case. Patient Specific Healthcare based on Medical Imaging (MI) is the modern solution to these problems & can help produce practice models, surgical guides and Patient Specific Implants (PSI) which enables the surgeon to deliver effective and aesthetic surgical outcomes.

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a Plethora of customised products & services

We provide a wide range of patient and case specific healthcare solutions. Our team consists of both Doctors and Engineers; who along with design experts, create some of the most accurate and uncompromising products.

Our only goal is to improve the quality of life for patients by providing doctors with the most unique and effective healthcare solutions derived from the patients anatomy .

Workflow : How It's Done

The deployment of 3D printing technology has greatly expanded; especially in medicine. Its use is increasing day-by-day as in a short period of time, it can prepare a completely individualized product. 3D Printing therefore suits the objective of personalized healthcare and medicine where every patient gets a tailored, scenario-specific solution. 3D Printing technologies have enabled the customization and production of complex geometries in a completely automated manner, in a far shorter time as compared to conventional subtractive manufacturing technologies. However, in the early days, most AM technologies were considered to be too expensive for bio-medical applications, and the added cost of producing rapid prototype models for medical or dental purposes could not always be justified. Luckily, during the past three decades, enormous changes and developments have been made by scientists, modifying this technology, introducing newer and cheaper materials and improving the accuracy of the process, leading to a very significant drop in the cost of producing 3D printed products which has enabled doctors and surgeons to deploy this technology more-and-more in their field.

The research related to the usage of 3D Printed products and their effects on clinical-endpoints, is an under-explored area. We at Osteoskill™ want to promote research into this field by providing our expertise in medical modelling and radiographic data analysis workstreams. Our vision is to completely revolutionise healthcare with the use of emerging medical technologies by providing the most cutting edge medical solutions to doctors and therapists using the most advanced software and hardware. We dream of a world where healthcare is no longer "one-size-fits-all" but tailor made to suit every patients specific needs.

We consider each case to be a challenge; to do even better than the previous. Our work speaks for itself.


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