Products For Institutes & Organizations

OsteoskillTM has always been on the forefront of providing Modern Medical Solutions to Institutes and Organizations such as Hospitals. Our team is committed to bring our Customers the most advanced and technically competent products, well ahead of the Curve. Some Of Our Commercial Services Include:

  • Device/Implant Design, Testing and analysis.
  • All types of medical image processing.
  • Advanced Virtual (Finite Element) Testing of Orthopaedic Devices.
  • Medical Reverse Engineering for tailor made surgical tools and equipments, etx

Our team is always ready to meet any and all challenges that our clients can provide us with. We also undertake government projects and can help in publication and/or validation of clinical research in the field of Patient Specific Medicine and Surgery. Click Enquire Now to get in touch with our sales team to find the right solution for your use case. You may also choose to contact us directly by clicking here.

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