OsteoskillTM Workflow

Image processing and Rapid prototyping (or 3D Printing) has changed the way we design and produce patient specific medical solutions. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing technique; a process through which a three-dimensional solid object, virtually of any shape, is generated starting from a digital model.

3D printing technology represents a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical and medical research and is enabling creation of more specific drugs, rapid production of medical implants and changing the way that doctors and surgeons plan procedures.

The basic idea behind medical 3d printing is conversion of medical imaging data into usable; virtual and physical 3d models, which can then be used for further processing and production of patient specific devices and implants. Five technical steps are required to finalize a printed model. They include:

  1. Selecting the anatomical target area and performing a diagnostic scan (e.g.. CT, MRI)
  2. The development of the 3D geometry through the processing of the medical images coming from a CT/MRI scan
  3. The optimization of the file for the physical printing (creation of the virtual model).
  4. “Printing” or production of this model by appropriate selection of the 3D printer and materials. A patient-specific model with anatomical fidelity created from imaging dataset is finally obtained.
  5. This model is then used by the physician/ surgeon for various treatment workflows, or by the engineer to design and test patient specific device or implant, which can then be used by the doctors for their operative procedures and implantation.

At OsteoskillTM, our main goal is to provide you with the most optimum and comprehensive medical solutions using our expertise in the field of medical image processing and 3D Printing along with (traditional production methodologies). You can help us in giving you the best products by following and adhering to a thoroughly tested and validated protocol for generating the medical imaging data. Click on “Download Protocol” to obtain a detailed PDF in this regard. You can also choose to get in touch with us directly for any associated queries.

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